Everyone has heard of Shiba Inu & Floki taking over the crypto space in 2021 like a storm, generating thousands of X’s in profits to early investors. In 2023, Pepe revived the meme's by breaking $1Billion MC in record time and getting listed on Binance alongside Floki! Now it's time for the most bullish combo to break both records. Get ready for Pepeki, the long lost son of Pepe & Floki!


As we know today within the crypto space security is a major risk in order to protect your assets. It is becoming easier by the day for users to get their crypto stolen simply by clicking on a link and your funds are instantly wiped from your wallet or hackers getting a hold of your email accounts and getting access to your crypto exchange accounts. As our investors' funds are our priority, we have decided that launching a decentralized exchange would be extremely beneficial not just for us but our clients over all as they cannot be hacked by a single party and we will be integrating unique features to further benefit all our investors as well as providing weekly updates on the overall market conditions, see it as free financial advice from our development team as well as a financial advisor from Black Rock directly.


Pepeki Swap will be our unique one of a kind, easy to use DAPP which will be easily accessible and easy to navigate for all levels of experienced users.

Pepeki Swap Pro will have much more advanced and exclusive features available for all Pepeki Holders holding more than $200. This will help create a higher and stronger floor for our investors as well as all holders will be giving rewards whilst holding Pepeki through the Pepeki Rewards program.


Pepeki for casino players

Pepeki is a new cryptocurrency that aims to provide a secure and transparent payment method for online casino players. To increase the adoption of Pepeki among online casino players, a crypto cashback rewards system can be implemented. Here's how the system can work:

Players will be able to earn Pepeki cash back rewards on their wagers placed on participating on the online casino. The cash back rewards will be credited to the player's Pepeki wallet, and the amount will be based on a percentage of the player's net losses.

The cash back rewards can be redeemed for Pepeki tokens, which can be used to play games or can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies. The cashback rewards can also be used to purchase merchandise, such as electronics or gift cards, from participating merchants.

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Revenue Model

To incentivize online casinos to participate in the Pepeki cash back rewards system, a revenue model can be implemented. Here's how the revenue model can work: Online casinos will pay a percentage of their net gaming revenue to Pepeki as a participation fee to be included in the cash back rewards system. Pepeki will use the participation fee to fund the cashback rewards for the players, as well as to cover operational expenses and marketing costs

Loses from players will be redistributed to the casino rewards pool and the Pepeki Treasury for the community to decide what course of action can be taken to support Pepeki along with multiple giveaways and buyback options.

Pepeki will provide participating online casinos with marketing and promotional support, such as social media campaigns, email marketing, and banner ads to drive traffic to their sites and increase player engagement. Participating online casinos will have the option to accept Pepeki as a payment method along with ETH, BNB, BUSD and USDT with 0 fees per deposit.


Token Distribution

the token distribution of Pepeki, a cryptocurrency with a total supply of 420,690 billion tokens. There will be no additional tokens minted. The initial liquidity pair of the currency will be WBNB/WETH and the tokens will be locked for a minimum of one year. 6.9% of the supply will be allocated to the presale and the remainder of the supply will be locked for staking, centralized exchanges, and partnerships.

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Total Supply

  • total supply of only 420,690 Billion. There will be no additional tokens minted

Circulating 33.8%

  • Pepeki circulating supply, The start LP pair will be with WBNB, Locked for 1 Year minimum.



  • Pepeki treasury will include supply locked for staking, centralized exchanges and partnerships of 6.9%

Presale 59.2%

  • Pepeki presale allocated supply

Tax Distribuition On BSC

The Buy and Sells Tax will be 7% to begin with and will be decreased as we start being enlisted on different exchanges such as Kucoin, BitMart and LBank which we expect to be listed on within a month of launch.

Check our Tokenomics


  • will be dedicated for marketing funding and to sustain the long term development


  • will be dedicated to all Pepeki holders as BUSD rewards


  • will be dedicated towards the liquidity


  • will be dedicated towards the Casino rewards pool


  • will be burnt to further reduce the circulating supply

Tax Distribuition On ETH

The Buy and Sells Tax will be 7% to begin with and will be decreased as we start being enlisted on different exchanges such as Kucoin, BitMart and LBank which we expect to be listed on within a month of launch.


  • Due to high gas fees on the Ethereum Netword, there will be NO Taxes to trade PEPEKI on ETH



  • Website goes live
  • Whitepaper release
  • Audit/KYC complete
  • Presale live on Pinksale
  • Presale marketing campaign
  • Listing on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko


  • Post launch marketing
  • Utility updates
  • Staking partnerships
  • Listing on Centralized Exchange
  • Airdrop competition
  • Community building


  • Influencer partnerships
  • Utility releases
  • Listing on Top tier centralized
  • exchanges
  • Meme competitions
  • Strategic marketing campaigns
  • Billboards
  • Pepeki Meet & Greet event
  • Pepeki Casino launch